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Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival 2017

July 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend saw the second annual Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival here in Bedfordshire, which was a great success with beautiful summer sunshine throughout the two days of the event.
The comperes were Alan Collins and Becky Phillips, with the main tributes being...

Madness (The Los Palmas 6)

The Blues Brothers (On a Mission)

Blondie (Atomic Blondie)

Abba (Gimme Abba)

The main acts were supported by the ever popular 'SwanVesta Social Club' who had a fantastic set on both days with their Cuban/Latino dance party extravaganza.
There were also appearances by local acts 'Something Else', 'Corruption', 'Acoustic Al', Becky Phillips, Cath Flynn with the Henlowettes and Alan Collins providing wacky entertainment for both the kids and the grown ups throughout the weekend.

The weekend was so busy that I never stopped working long enough on my main job to be able to shoot the acts properly, but I did get a few pictures of the happy crowd, the staff and an odd band picture.

Next years Festival dates are July 6th and 7th 2018 with the lineup yet to be announced, but it promises to be bigger and better!

2017_06_30_96832017_06_30_9683Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_96752017_06_30_9675Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_97752017_06_30_9775Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_96872017_06_30_9687 2017_06_30_96862017_06_30_9686 2017_06_30_97522017_06_30_9752Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_97352017_06_30_9735Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_97342017_06_30_9734Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_97432017_06_30_9743Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_97922017_06_30_9792Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_98342017_06_30_9834Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_98352017_06_30_9835Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_06_30_98362017_06_30_9836Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_98712017_07_01_9871Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_98872017_07_01_9887Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_99012017_07_01_9901Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_99102017_07_01_9910Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_99272017_07_01_9927Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK 2017_07_01_99302017_07_01_9930Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival, Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK All images are copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes, but feel free to share the link to the blog and images on Facebook, Twitter etc

Banned from my local!

May 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently blogged about the T&A Camera Club, and also the article from the NUJ which gave the reason for it, and now I have been punished!

I feel very strongly about my local newspaper, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus which is using local photographers for FREE content via their Facebook 'Camera Club' as part of the NEWSQUEST incentive to get free content for all their publications.

The group is offering a share of the £9,000 prize for the ones who can get the most FREE copy and images in their centres.

It does not bode well for any young people who were hoping to make a living from Journalism in the future.

Other publications pay for content (I've had six published for payment in the last month alone) so any 'photographer' on my friends list who is providing free content for 'exposure' is free to unfriend me, because if YOU value your work, you should put some actual monetary value on it.

BTW I commented on their 'Camera Club' group and was promptly banned, and have now been fully blocked from the T&A Facebook page after leaving a critical comment on their latest article about all their new free content from the 'Camera Club'.


If you want your children to be journalists, don't buy any NEWSQUEST publications as their multi million pound company are cheapskates!

I'm not in Yorkshire right now, I'm down south... 


English countryside near Arlesey, BedfordshireEnglish countryside near Arlesey, Bedfordshire
English country lane near Henlow Camp, Bedfordshire, UKEnglish country lane near Henlow Camp, Bedfordshire, UKtypical British countryside view

Drone photography.

April 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have taken the plunge, well I will when I get my hands on the drone, by purchasing a 3DR Solo quadcopter to use as a training UAV before deciding whether to go bigger and buy one which can house a camera suitable for commercial images.

The stock library which I supply has stringent QC controls and most of the cheaper drone/camera combinations have unsuitable sensors, so it would need to be a big price jump to go fully commercial with one.

The other stumbling block is the cost of CAA training and testing for the required permissions, which are very thorough and quite expensive.

Just a reminder here for anyone who found the post whilst looking for drone info.
If you hire someone without the necessary permissions from the CAA they will not likely be insured and will be shooting illegally if they are charging you.

FAJNEJFAJNEJFAJNEJ 3DR Robotics solo UAV consumer products, drone filming platform with gopro cameras controlled from tablet screen on Range Rover roof

Love to see your pictures in print?

April 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It is very flattering to see your pictures in the newspapers and magazines with your name at the side of them isnt it?

Well here's your chance to join a Facebook group which wants to share your 'local' pictures for free! Yes, it won't cost you anything, and it won't cost them anything either, and the beauty of it is, (for them) that they can use it right across the NEWSQUEST group, also at no cost to them.

"Send your snaps of everything from community events large or small, new angles on familiar places or even breaking news if you find yourself in the middle of the action."

Yes, they even want you to post your pictures from live news events, and let's face it, it beats having to employ professional photographers or actually pay for stock or news images.

Newsquest now employ more sales people than journalists.
This is from my local newspaper , but it looks like it is being rolled out at all the NEWSQUEST titles.

Join the new Telegraph & Argus Camera Club to see your pictures in print and online


Bradford City Park and City Hall at NightBradford City Park and City Hall at NightBradford City Park and City Hall at Night with tower lit up in colour near local streets

This is not sour grapes.

I get published a lot in magazines and newspapers, not always with a credit, but always with a licence paid, sometimes via this website, but more often through the ALAMY stock library. It's a long game for me, but if your young student son or daughter are at University with the intention of following a career as a photo journalist then they certainly won't be getting employed by the NEWSQUEST group as they roll out their Facebook 'Camera Clubs' across the country.

I have been banned from the Telegraph and Argus group as I was critical of their agenda, so, I don't have access to the terms and conditions, BUT, it seems that they may have full control of the images you 'supply' to them via the group, and... if you get a money shot, expect THEM to keep the money whilst they share it through the NEWSQUEST group and maybe even further syndicate to other publications.

Telegraph & Argus Facebook Camera ClubTelegraph & Argus Facebook Camera Club comments.Telegraph & Argus Facebook Camera Club comments before I was deleted from group.. Telegraph & Argus Facebook Camera ClubTelegraph & Argus Facebook Camera Club comments.Telegraph & Argus Facebook Camera Club comments before I was deleted from group..

There are many ways to share your pictures on the internet for pleasure, ie Flickr, but if a publication wants your image, they WILL pay to use it, unless you become one of the glory seekers who provides free content to them!

The other problem with this kind of 'picture farming' is that, in the event of your picture becoming an orphan, being used where you don't want it to be used there will be no chance of an infringement claim using companies like Pixsy.

Remember, you can't pay bills with exposure and kudos is not a currency you can spend or deposit in a bank.

Thanks to Mark from Alamy who found the relevant TOS for me (I wouldn't make a good detective would I?)

Comment from Mark... "Free and sub-licensable, basically. (6) is about syndication, so not only giving it away, but giving away rights to sell it as well. Phew."




Grant of rights in the Work

The legal copyright in the Work is retained by you. By your agreement to these Terms, you give us the rights in the Work which are set out below. Subject to these Terms and in particular the proviso for commissioned Work below, Our rights in the Work are non-exclusive, which means that you can also use the Work as you wish at the same time as we use it.

Where an original Work is specifically commissioned by us or you are a commissioned blogger or citizen journalist, you give us the exclusive right to first use of the Work in any medium as permitted by these Terms.  If there is a delay of more than 90 days from our receipt of the Work to its first use by us, then you may apply to the Editor for a written waiver of our exclusive right to first use, which will not be unreasonably refused.

While you retain copyright in the Work, We shall have the following rights (some of which may overlap), which are worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and sub-licensable:

  1. the right to use and re-use the Work in any of our Publications;
  2. the right to syndicate or make spot sales of the Work (directly or through agencies) for its use in Publications published by third parties;
  3. the right to use your Work in any archive or database in any medium or format and to make such archive or database available to the public (whether or not for a fee);
  4. the right to edit, amend, cut, translate or otherwise alter your Work as we may consider appropriate;
  5. the right to make compilations of your Works for the same uses licensed by this agreement;
  6. the right to authorise NLA Media Access (formerly the Newspaper Licensing Agency) and similar reprographic rights agencies to distribute or license the distribution of your Work (or links to your Work in our Publications online) for its licensed purposes as may be amended from time to time;
  7. the right to authorise third party electronic information providers (for example Lexis Nexis or Factiva) to use your Work as used in our Publications in their databases in any medium or format for searching and copying by their end users and to sub-license your Work for use in Publications by their third party publisher customers;
  8. in the case of Work commissioned or purchased for commercial editorial uses, such as sponsored supplements or advertorials, the right to authorise the use of the Work in the Publications of our commercial clients;
  9. the right to use the title, format and any pseudonym associated with the Work; and
  10. the right to use the Work and any image of you or other personal details for the purposes of publicity or marketing or any other purpose in connection with the exercise of our rights under this agreement with you.

If you exercise any of your retained rights in respect of the Work, you agree to ensure that your use will not conflict with our use of the Work or any other of our legitimate commercial interests, and you will procure an acknowledgement to us and our relevant Publication in any further use you might make of your Work, together with a link to the Work on our relevant website wherever possible.

You acknowledge that as a matter of law moral rights do not arise in connection with current affairs reporting or any publication in newspapers or magazines, but to the extent that moral rights may be applicable to any use of a Work permitted under this agreement you waive all such moral rights unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing with the Editor. However we will try to maintain author's by-lines in our Publications where we can.

We reserve the right to seek from you a written assignment of copyright if we think it necessary.


We will only pay a fee and/or a share of syndications and spot sales that has been expressly agreed in writing by or on behalf of the Editor of the relevant Publication in advance of commission or on acceptance of a Work. Otherwise your Work is considered, commissioned or accepted by us without a fee or share and you agree that the opportunity to have your Work considered or published for use by us is adequate consideration for the rights granted to us in this agreement. If a fee is agreed, it will be a single all-inclusive fee for all the rights granted above. The fee will be fixed at our prevailing standard rates, as may be published and varied from time to time, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by the Editor. The fee includes the cost of delivering the Work and all expenses incurred by you in researching and creating it, except for any expenses specifically approved in advance by the Editor in writing. Provided that the Work is delivered and complies with these Terms (and any additional or substitute terms agreed in writing), payment will be made at the end of the month following the month of our first use of the Work.

Is this really what people want when they show off their pictures on a Facebook 'camera club' page?


NEWSQUEST are offering £9,000 of prizes to the people who can get the most free content!

Full story here...

Here we go again with blatant Image theft..

January 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Believe me, I don't sit around all day waiting for people to take my pictures and use them for their own profit, but, it still astounds me that journalists simply don't seem to think there will be any penalty if they help themselves to an image off the internet, with not the slightest attempt to qualify the ownership of the intellectual property.

Most of my photographic output goes directly to stock, but some of it is shared on social media, by choice but with no licence for use by anyone else.

The ones shared on social media are usually on facebook on closed groups, and despite what people thinking and saying that Facebook can do whatever they want with your images it is simply not true.

I retain copyright and do not allow licensing of my images when I share them on Facebook, so, if you take them for a commercial venture you are infringing my copyright and stealing my property.

Now, if you were to just share them to a local history group on facebook I might not be bothered as I am in such groups and I enjoying seeing pictures, particularly old ones, BUT, if you then take those pictures and put them in a publication without even asking permission, then I will chase for compensation and removal.

This brings me to today's infringement, a national newspaper has printed an image of mine as part of a story; the reporter joined the closed Facebook group and used some picture from there, one of which was clearly posted by me, and, he didn't even attempt to contact me for permission even though it's not a time sensitive major news event, it's just a fluffy piece for a red top.

So the questions are...

Would I have given permission for use?
No, not without payment as it's already available for commercial use via Alamy (I posted it as part of a live news upload).
Is he within his rights to post it without permission?
No, not without permission, even if he tags it as copyright Mick Flynn (it's actually tagged 'Facebook'), it's still IP theft.
Will I pursue the infringer?
Yes, Pixsy is on it already.

Please, fellow photographers don't let commercial concerns steal your content If you are happy to give them content for free that's your choice, but if they steal it... make them pay.

Stay tuned.

It wasn't this picture..

Tapas CollageTapas Collage